What is gold filled?

Gold filled is a pressure bonded layer of gold that has 100 times more gold than plated jewelry. It is incredibly durable, tarnish resistant, won't chip or flake, and is a great alternative to solid gold jewelry at a much better price point. It looks gorgeous, and will last for years when cared for properly!

Jewelry care tips for our gold, rose gold, and silver hoops:

  • When possible, avoid¬†extended¬†exposure to chlorine, pools, hot tubs, saunas or spas.

  • Remove jewelry during more aggressive physical activities (running, hiking, swimming, etc.)

  • When polishing your hoops, we recommend a soft polishing cloth rather than abrasive material like bath towels, terry cloth, or paper towels.

  • To ensure the longest possible lifespan, store your¬†hoops in a dry, air-tight area. Before storing, use a soft polishing cloth to remove any oxidation and perform a thorough cleaning. We've found it's helpful to occasionally remove any skin oils by rinsing with warm water and buffing with a soft polishing cloth.¬†

  • Regularly clean your¬†hoops¬†with mild soap and a soft pat dry. Don't rub!¬†

  • On occasion, individual body chemistries can react with¬†gold filled¬†metals and cause a reaction. Pregnancy, thyroid disorders, hormone levels, medications and more can affect body alkalinity and may cause a reaction with your piece.¬†It's definitely random and difficult to predict, but please contact us if you have any¬†questions!