About Me

Hi, I’m Stephanie! I live in California's Central Valley, but I’m a Michigan native. I went to Pepperdine in Los Angeles for a business degree and ended up marrying an entrepreneur at heart. Jeffrey pushes me to dream big and do fun things like this. We have three little kiddos who I get to be at home with while they are still young. As soon as their tiny heads hit the pillow, I pull out all my clay and start creating pieces with you all in mind.

Clay by Steph is a hobby turned business. I’ve always had a creative side. You'll usually find me writing, taking photos of my kids, decorating a new corner of my home, or trying my hand at growing flowers. When I found clay, I knew it was just another way for me to express myself and create more beauty for the world. I’m a believer that we are all made to create in some shape or form. Earrings are so fun and I love the way they bring out the beauty of the person wearing them.

Every piece is handmade in my kitchen, and I have so much fun making them for you. I hope you have just as much fun wearing them.